Tuesday, March 24, 2009


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I'm so sorry for not having posted in a couple days, there's lots of stress revolving around me right now. Other than that, my dad got me the Twilight DVD this weekend. I admit that I've been secretly dying to see it, and I now understand why so many girls are madly in love with Edward Cullen. I have to say I'm more in love with Robert Pattinson, he really is extremely sexy in this movie! But, I guess the fact that he's playing the role of this amazingly romantic vampire helps his sexiness factor! Cam Gigandet (James) isn't so bad either! ;) I know I'm starting to be obsessed five months after the movie actually came out but oh well! lol Oh, I also got the Nylon with Kristen Stewart, I have to say that she looks like such a cool girl, she's very quirky but it works so well. I'm planning to get the GQ with RP later this week. 

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Stephanie said...

I have the Kristen Nylon as well and she does seem like such an awesome girl.

I haven't seen this movie. Initially I was really curious about it, mostly intrigued by this VF editorial and all the hype about the sexy young cast, but then I was told not to see it if I haden't read the novels, which I haven't so....still haven't seen it and my curiosity totally wore off. lol!


cuteseas said...

aw yes edward is hot