Wednesday, July 15, 2009


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Pharrell and Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson

I'm not sure if you remember THIS post back from May, but I found a second image from this set, and I must say I love it even more than the first! What do you think?

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Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha

I'm not usually a fan on couples who wear matching outfits (or the exact same colors), but naturally Ashley Olsen makes it work.

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Jessica Stam

This needs no words.

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Clémence Poésy
Photographer: Gubson

So simple. So beautiful.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


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Model: Bar Rafaeli
GQ Italy July 2009

I was never a huge fan of Bar, but I LOVE this.

P.S. Please let me know if the photos are too large for your screen.
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Currently Watching: July 14th Parade in Paris

Hi! It's been a reallyyyy long time since I've posted anything, sorry! I went to Spain for a week with my family, and the good news is that it was really fantastic and I had an awesome time! The really bad news is that I lost my camera on the last day! :'((( I was so upset you can't even imagine, yes, I cried. It might seem ridiculous, but I had so many amazing pictures. Now, I'm back in Paris without a camera. How bad does that sentence sound? Really terrible. I know. 

Anyways let's think more of the positive. I did find great deals on clothes in Paris especially from Zadig & Voltaire and See by Chloe. Also when I was in Spain, I got 4 tees for 5.99 euros each from Zara! So I'm definitely going to continue shopping, just not today because it's the 14th of July! Oh and yesterday I bought Nutella, Carambar's, Kinder's, Milka's, and Lion's to bring back home to the US of A. Yes, I love chocolate! Oh which brings me to say that I truly believe I'm gaining weight because every morning is filled with Pain au Chocolat's and baguette's and other delicious things! So enough with my rambling, I will try to put in some real posts tonight. 

Je vous aime,