Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Currently Watching: July 14th Parade in Paris

Hi! It's been a reallyyyy long time since I've posted anything, sorry! I went to Spain for a week with my family, and the good news is that it was really fantastic and I had an awesome time! The really bad news is that I lost my camera on the last day! :'((( I was so upset you can't even imagine, yes, I cried. It might seem ridiculous, but I had so many amazing pictures. Now, I'm back in Paris without a camera. How bad does that sentence sound? Really terrible. I know. 

Anyways let's think more of the positive. I did find great deals on clothes in Paris especially from Zadig & Voltaire and See by Chloe. Also when I was in Spain, I got 4 tees for 5.99 euros each from Zara! So I'm definitely going to continue shopping, just not today because it's the 14th of July! Oh and yesterday I bought Nutella, Carambar's, Kinder's, Milka's, and Lion's to bring back home to the US of A. Yes, I love chocolate! Oh which brings me to say that I truly believe I'm gaining weight because every morning is filled with Pain au Chocolat's and baguette's and other delicious things! So enough with my rambling, I will try to put in some real posts tonight. 

Je vous aime,


Fashionistadiary said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about your cam, how did you lose it? such a shame about all the pics :S

on the other hand, so happy you did some great shopping!!! enjoy the rest of your trip xo


stephanie said...

so sorry to hear about your camera- when i was backpacking the south pacific i accidentally deleted 500+ pictures!!!! so i can relate, even if i didn't lose my camera per se, i lost all those pics, some of which were the best part of my trip. heartbreaking experience.

but at least you're in Paris with loads of good purchases to be made and amazing chocolatines on a daily basis! so j e a l o u s !