Sunday, January 16, 2011

Closet Confessions

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I've been obsessed with organizing my closet lately. I promise my closet is the only area where I keep things neat otherwise my room can be quite a mess. I'm just so OCD about everything in it, from color coordinating to the hangers to sleeve length. Anyways, I decided to search up some inspiration. Although I wish these videos had gone into more depth, I love seeing the different perspectives people have on fashion and their style.
Enjoy! xx

Source: stuckonstyle -YouTube


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Gisele Bundchen
Vogue China February 2011

I'm going to be completely honest, and say I am not blown away by the shoot itself, as the usual Vogue uniform-background-color-with-the-latest-trends-on-a-model is not my favorite kind, but damn her legs just make me wish I stuck to my New Year's resolution. Which I do plan on restarting... tomorrow. I just can't comprehend how she's this thin after a baby. Nonetheless, I do like the styling, and I must say these photos are quite a form of inspiration... for shedding the blubber! How have you stuck to your NY resolution? xx

Image source: skinnyvscurvy