Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Model: Behati Prinsloo
Photographer: Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Vogue UK March 2006
"Heavenly Creatures"

I got to pass by the park today with some friends, and it was packed with TONS and TONS of people! It seemed like everyone in the whole city came out to enjoy today's weather, but I definitely can't blame them! It was so awesome to finally wear shorts and a t-shirt! Pretty much every girl at the park was wearing a bikini. And, there were lots of great dressers out today, it kinda made me want to go into Sartorialist mode, and ask them permission to take a picture, but I wouldn't have the guts! lol Gosh, today's weather was really incredible! And, it's supposed to be even better tomorrow, and luckily I have plans so I can't wait! Hope you had a great day! I'd loved to know what's going on with you! xo

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lucky! yesterday was cold but beautiful here. today is freezing. oh just my luck. i am happy your weather is warm though! i hope you enjoy it darling.