Friday, April 10, 2009


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Model: Anja Rubik
Photographer: Ellen Von Unwerth
Vogue Italia April 2009
"Supplements, Suggestions"

Hey! First, I'm in love with this photo. Second, I had to tell you I went to Topshop yesterday! Okay, please don't be too upset at me, but I was a bit disappointed. But then again, my expectations were really really high! Anyways, I've been kind of obsessing with Youtube lately, and I'm totally in love with this guy Mac from WasteTimeChasingCars (click here to view channel.) He's really cute and funny (at least according to my humor! lol!) I'm sorry for the short post but I'm really busy right now! So I'll make sure to post something longer tomorrow! Love you all! xx

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Stompface said...

I am in love with this photo now too.



stephanie said...

i love her shoes, this picture's
b r i l l i a n t !!!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how i lOVE her!!
she looks awesome
i havent been yet bc i had a sewing project due that morning BUT i had a feeling it wouldnt live up to the hype but i will visit soon and get back to ya!


don'tsaynofashion said...

love it

Anonymous said...

i love this photo, an di watched that guy on youtube, he's funny lol
nice blog!

Le fran├žais parisien said...

Long time no see Anja Rubik! And unfortunately we don't have Topshop here in the Netherlands, but is a good alternative!

allforfashion said...

Stompface: :) Thanks for the comment!

stephanie: Brilliant for sure! xx

Beach 11:29: Yeah, I expected too much, but I hope you have fun there if you go! And good luck on your sewing project! XOX

don'tsaynofashion: =)

tracyjacks: Thanks! It makes me happy that you thought he was funny because I kind of felt like I would be a loner on this one! lol xox

Le francais parisien: True, I haven't been seeing her as much as before but she's always stunning! Hopefully, Topshop will be spreading to the Netherlands! Thanks for the comment! xo