Tuesday, April 7, 2009


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Rob Pattinson

Hey guys! I've made some changes on All For Fashion, and I'd like to make it clear that it was a complete personal decision. I was in the need of something different. At the same time, your opinion as reader's is extremely important as well. If you prefer it with a different look then I will definitely change it to make it as convenient as possible. Please take into consideration that I did not intend to upset you in any way. Any type of feedback would be very much appreciated! If your opinions are negative, please try to give some constructive criticism, and not harsh complaints.
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Stephanie said...

great picture!

I a d o r e
the changes ;)


Anonymous said...

the page looks awesome!
great job.

allforfashion said...

Thank You! :D XOX

CRISTA said...

my little cousins call him 'gross hot'.. whatever that means..

page looks good!!

allforfashion said...

haha I kinda get it cause his hair might be the gross part lmao well only sometimes!

Thankss :))) !!! xox

Lesley said...

Love the new look! And Robert Pattinson makes me weak at the knees!

laura said...

I love you even more now you've posted a picture of robert! you're srsly the best! xxx

TathiSpacek said...

totally agree with laura over here: i lve you even more now you've posted a pic of rob! I'm loving this outfit. and.. your blog looks awesome!