Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Model: Behati Prinsloo
Photographer: David Sims
W Magazine May 2006

Image source: ht_photography


liviana said...

you my dear, read my mind..
l i t e r a l l y !!

this is gorgeous && you would not believe but i have been looking for behati pictures all night.. how did you know?? lol

perfect post && awesome find.. i've never seen her look so amazing!!

love love liv <3 said...

yeeeeeeeeeah. love her hair. love the styling. love the messiness. when i see pictures like this, it makes me feel glad i have forced myself to grow out my hair even through the frizzy hatred-fill days.

love your blog.
always inspiring.

xo love and peace to you
hope to hear from you again..
amy !!

Le fran├žais parisien said...

I love Behati, there is something so pure and innocent about her.