Monday, April 27, 2009


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Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Photographer: Dan Martensen
Exit Magazine May 2009

It's 7:03 AM as I'm typing this. I woke up way early and got dressed, and was actually pleased with myself so I figured I should try to find something to post tonight, but this editorial was too amazing to not post right away! I'm obsessed with every single photograph. And, I'm really starting to like Abbey more and more. 

Have a nice day! xo

Image source: modelcouture


stephanie said...

I l o v e this editorial too! and im soooo in love with abbey! I saved this ed this weekend!

I'll prob post when everyone has kind forgotten about it;)

g r e a t post!

cuteseas said...

she makes me want to change my stud in my nose to a ring. she is lovely. i love the last pic.

Madeline said...

that is too good. its way cool she has her nose pierced, most editorials seem to avoid piercings and tatoos as tabboo

CAMILLE said...

love this model.HOT!


Malin said...

Yeah, she is so cool. Btw, I saw your post about Robert Pattinson. Have you heard any of his songs? He is an amazing artist, and in my opinion that's his best talent, not acting.. But, of course, we need some eyecandy on the screen as well :)