Sunday, May 17, 2009


...or do I own more pairs of jeans than Julia Restoin- Roitfeld?!

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I'm extremely fascinated by Julia's interviews. Here's another good one from Refinery29:

"You definitely like to mix up your wardrobe between high-end and everyday denim. What's the one thing in your closet that's a constant?
Latex pants? Ha ha! No, I don't know. I do have a few favorite pieces but my style can't be summed up in one piece. It's more about the right mix between girly and rock.

What designer do you gravitate toward?
Azzedine Alaia because he embraces a woman's curves.

When did it hit you that your family was much more creative than most? Did you feel a sense of destiny for yourself?
I realized it pretty young. I always knew I wanted to do something artistic, not specifically in fashion though. 

We're jealous just thinking about all the great pointers you must get from your mom…What's the best style advice she's ever given you?
She told me not to try too hard or follow the trends too much—because they change too fast.

Is there anything in your mom's closet you can't steal?
All her shoes! She is a 37.5 and I am a 38.5 almost 39.

What item of clothing will you pass down to your kids?
All of the vintage dresses I wore as a child. I still have them in storage at my parents' house in Paris.

You recently became the face for the new denim line, Restoration of the Monarchy. Given the world domination of denim these days, why did you find this line special?
[I loved that] it was a totally different way to wear jeans. So many jeans cut today feel more tomboyish, but the Restoration of the Monarchy jeans are much more feminine.

How many pairs of jeans do you own?
Not so many, maybe three?

Could you see yourself ever extending your design talents to clothes?
I love designing, so whatever it is, I'd be happy to do it—from shoes, to bags, to make-up packaging…even jewelry!"

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stephanie said...

I love this line: "It's more about the right mix between girly and rock." because it totally sums up how were are soo alike!

Maybe i' m d r e a m i n g but i swear to god i feel like she and i are SO similar! we have the same birthday year and month, the e x a c t s a m e shoes size as i just learnt- even down to the detail: im a 38.5 almost 39 lol! and as for the jeans, i have about 6 pairs....but i only ever wear about 4 of those pairs- i rarely buy jeans cause i don't wear them too much.

g r e a t post, i FREAKING ADORE Julia! I think she's my #1 and if she EVER went into jewelry, i'd line up for it! lol!


Foxy said...

I wish Carine was my mom...