Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Baby

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I hope you all have a healthy and happy Christmas Eve and Day! Hopefully, you've all finished your Christmas shopping, I need to make a quick stop downtown today for some last minute goodies, luckily no snow for us yet so the commute won't be too annoying! And if you're a procrastinator like me, here are a few quick gift ideas (and where to go!):

_Makeup Sets from Sephora
_Bath/Body Products
_Chocolates (Teuscher and Leonidas are delish!)

Also... try to think of some inside jokes you have with the person intended so it's a little more personal! If this hasn't helped much, here are a few stores you can check out to find random stocking stuffers, and other presents:

1.Urban Outfitters
3.Bloomingdale's (great sales right now!)
4.Saks/Nordstroms/Neiman Marcus
6.Bath & Body Works
7.The Body Shop
8.American Apparel

Image source: Hotel de Mode