Sunday, March 1, 2009


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Tank - Alexander Wang
Jeans - Topshop
Purse - Fendi
Sandals - Lanvin

So it's been snowing on and off today which is extremely frustrating. Personally, I dislike snow unless if it stays clean and white which is practically impossible where I live. Also, I CANNOT wait to get myself new summer items, I'm dying for those Lanvin sandals and a nice tan! But, I must admit that this situation makes me think of how I couldn't wait to wear boots and pack on my sweaters at the end of last summer. I guess I could laugh at how I'm never satisfied with myself !

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Mie said...

Love the colour on that tank!

filthy lust said...

i'm waiting for winter.

BEACH 11:29 said...

awww how lovely!!! this outfit is the perfect reminder of sexii in the summer..oooh im a soo looking forward to tanning in the sun and then putting on that aqua colored tank!! ughhh!!! but mine will be home made since A.Wang is too expensive for basics..ahh I love your blog and this is my first visit let alone i didnt even make it down the first page in its entirety yet hahha...i think i might add you, i hate favoring one particular blog group and its time for some new inspiration on my side bar!

yeah its been a Noreaster here! i couldnt believe it! and i thought we were soooo close to spring and sumer :( i had no Uni today which is odd since most times city schools rarely close YAHH to blogging for the day :)

come for a visit sometime and tell me what ya think!