Thursday, March 19, 2009


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What I think about rain? I hate it. I don't understand how yesterday's weather was perfect, and today was ruined with rain. At least I left school once it stopped, but it's still unpleasant to see puddles pretty much everywhere and having to avoid them in order to not stain your shoes! 

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Mie said...

Love that photo!

stephanie said...

Gorgeous picture!
I will forever covet that alexander wang blazer- it would have integrated seamlessly in my cold-climate wardrobe.

I always think about the rain when its gorgeous and blue skys one day and the next it's pouring like the sky is falling. Crazy contrast in such short time.


Kaila said...

ahhh super rad! that scarf so great!

cuteseas said...

blechhh the rain!

cheap thrills said...

on the bright side, the air is always freshest when it rains ... :)

Fashionistadiary said...

loving those shoes!! urgh i hate rain, it always rains in london ... i am a sun girl! xo