Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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How amazing is the styling of this shot?! I love it! Daria is stunning! Otherwise, the reason why I posted this is because this photo is the exact explanation of how I feel right now. I'm tired, sick, and stressed. I have so much homework, it should be illegal. I find that blogging is kind of like therapy, so here I am, blogging my feelings! lol (and watching American Idol) Well I still have a couple more hours to spend of studying, so this will most likely be the last post of the day. Good night! 

Image source: herfamedgoodlooks


The beautiful and glammed said...

love the studding, just writing a piece on the trend for wah magazine! x

Mie said...

Wow, love the pose, the clothes, the light, everything.

Stephanie said...

Good luck with all your work! I agree, blogging is a great way to relax.


Fashionistadiary said...

amazing pic, but i totally get how you feel. i just got back from work, i dont want to move. xo

allforfashion said...

The beautiful and glammed: Sounds very interesting! Most definitely something I'd like to read! Good luck! xo

Mie: I agree, it's amazing! :)

Stephanie: Thanks! It is very liberating lol xx

Fashionista Diary: Oh gosh, I can't thank you (and Stephanie) enough for all of your generous comments! It's such a delight to read them! Hope your fatigue will wear off! xox

Anonymous said...

Yes, I gotta agree with you, the styling is amazing.